Breast Cancer Drive Awareness Drive at Zong 4G Headquarters

Zong Pakistan, the # 1 4G Internet Service Provider in Pakistan, conducts a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign at Zong 4G Headquarters. The purpose of this campaign was to highlight the importance of early diagnosis and early detection of this deadly disease.

In this breast cancer awareness session, Zong invited all of her female employees, who were informed about the symptoms and factors that lead to cancer. Zong fulfilled his Corporate Social Responsibility by conducting this briefing.

According to recent reports, Pakistan currently has the higher proportion of breast cancer and each year more than 90,000 cases are reported. This is mainly due to the lack of awareness among Pakistani women and in most situations the problem is detected in advanced stages. Zong Pakistan tackled the problem very well and I hope that the holding of such an event can be very fruitful in reducing the number.

A panel of oncologists provides detailed information about symptoms and causes that lead to beast cancer. All the women from the Zong 4G headquarters participated in this healthy session and showed great interest in learning about this disease.

Zong’s Breast Cancer Awareness Session clearly shows the company’s concern for the health and safety of its employees. A very good initiative from a company and all other brands should follow in Zong’s footsteps and hold these kinds of events.

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