Access Zong 4G Website and My Zong App Free of Charge

Zong 4G is known for its excellent mobile internet services in Pakistan and never strays from taking an innovative step. Today, Zong Pakistan announced access to Free My Zong App and the Zong 4G website for all its customers.

Previously, it was mandatory for all users to have an Internet package to access Zong’s digital services. With this announcement today, Zong made sure to provide free access along with a great user experience to all Zong subscribers.

Access Zong 4G Website and My Zong App for Free Press Release

Here is the full press release for Zong 4G:

Islamabad Nov 6, 2017: Carrying out its vision of greater customer centricity, Zong 4G, the nation’s # 1 data network, has provided free access to the ‘My Zong’ customer service app as well as the Zong 4G website, to all your customers. Whereas customers previously paid data charges for the use of these digital services, the decision has been made to provide free access to provide greater convenience along with a greatly improved user experience for all Zong 4G subscribers.

Both services allow customers to access important information about Zong 4G’s value-added packages and services, as well as the ability to activate or deactivate the company’s wide range of packages and packages. Additionally, customers will also be able to chat with customer service officers and help resolve their issues in a timely and convenient manner, all free of charge. However, the customer is advised to note that all internal and external links integrated into the APP and the website will be charged according to the individual package plans.

By continuing to put customers at the forefront of their decision-making process, Zong 4G remains committed to providing a rich user experience for the fastest growing 4G network in the country.

Having access to the Zong 4G website and the My Zong app for free will allow users to get all the information about Zong Internet Packages and details of all call and SMS packages. Users can also get information on how to activate / deactivate a particular package.

Download the My Zong app has another great advantage, you can chat with the customer service manager directly from the app. He will guide you in your consultation and solve all your problems and all of this will be done at no cost. You can download and install the My Zong App APK file for free.

Watch this video and learn how to install the My Zong app for free:

Zong 3G / 4G is the fastest growing mobile internet network in Pakistan. You can activate the Zong 4G Internet packages you want and enjoy the high-speed network on your smartphone.