Zong Data SIM Packages 3G/4G and How to Use Zong Internet SIM

For the first time in history, Zong introduced Internet SIM cards that are specially designed just for using the Internet. There are different Zong data SIM packages that you can activate based on your usage requirements. The package in these is not similar to the normal prepaid SIM card and to take advantage of their offers you need SIM data.

Upon Zong Internet SIM Packages you can get up to 50GB MB of data for 1 month. All packages are very easy to activate by dialing a simple code. You can use Zong Internet SIM packages on your smartphone or any other device using the tethering method.

Zong Data SIM Packages and How to Use Zong Internet SIM

If you have bought the Internet SIM and you want to know how to activate your Zong Internet packages? Below are the details of Zong data packages along with its price and download limit:

Bunch Volume Price Validity
1 month packages 3GB 500 1 month
10GB 800 1 month
24 GB 1500 1 month
50 GB 2500 1 month
3 month packages 3GB / month 1,000 3 months
10GB / month 1,800 3 months
Day offer 1GB / day (9 AM to 4 PM) 500 According to the package

The prices of all packages include taxes.

To activate the Zong Internet SIM, you must top up the amount it contains. Suppose if you want to activate the 10GB package, you need to insert the balance of Rs. 800 on your SIM and dial * 6666 # to activate the offer. The same goes for all the other Zong monthly 4G packages listed above. Follow this method here to check Zong’s balance of the remaining Internet MB.

The last shared package in the table above is the DayTime offer, which is different from all other packages. These packages are valid for 1 day only from 9 a.m. M. In the morning and end at 4 p.m. M. In this offer, you will get 1GB of data at Rs. 500.

To buy Internet SIM Zong all you need to do is visit your nearest franchisee or retailer and ask the representative about the data SIM. After purchasing, you can use this SIM in phones, iPads, tablets and compatible MBB devices. You cannot use it on Zong MBB devices, so please do not try to insert it into the device.

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