Get Free Careem Rides and Special Discounts with Zong 4G

Exciting offer for Zong SIM users, now they can get free rides on Careem and special discounts with Zong 4G. The China Mobile Company announced this news today, via a press release.

According to the partnership between Zong 4G and Careem, all new Careem customers will get their first free ride and also get a 20% discount on their next 4 rides.

Get free Careem rides and special discounts with Zong 4G

You may be interested to know how to get a free ride on Careem?

To get a free ride on Careem, you must have a Zong 4G SIM. You must then use a special discount code ‘ZONGFREE’ in the Careem app.

If you are already a Careem customer, you can also get a 20% discount on 4 trips. To do this, you must use the discount code ‘Zong4G’.

This offer is valid for Zong numbers that have the prefixes 0310, 0311, 0312, 0313, 0314, 0315, 0316 and 0317.

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