Zong Internet Packages Daily Unlimited Code {Best 3G/4G Offers}

Zong 4G offers the best mobile internet services to smartphone users in Pakistan. Many people are transferring their SIM cards to Zong just to enjoy fast internet on their phones. Along with the fast speed of lightening Zong Internet Packages everyday is also cheap and even students can afford it. The company offers a variety of Internet packages for one day including 1GB, unlimited, and all in one package. We are going to review all the daily Zong 4G packages that you can activate.

Zong Internet Packages 3G / 4G Daily Deals

Next we are going to share all the information related to Zong 4G Daily Packages which include activation codes, verification of remaining internet MB and method to unsubscribe from 4G package.

Daily basic internet offer and maximum data

Package name Price (Rs) Volume (MB) Validity
Daily Basic 15 + taxes 100 1 day
Maximum daily data 35 + taxes 500 1 day

For the activation of Zong Internet Daily Packet Code with the subscription method is shared below:

  • Dial * 6464 # and from the menu select Internet packages.

Zong Internet Daily Packet Code

  • From the submenu, you need to click on the daily internet packages and you will see a screen like this:

Zong Internet Daily Packages

  • To activate the desired package, enter 1 or 2 and click submit.
  • To check Zong’s remaining internet data, just dial * 102 #.

Zong’s Social Internet Daily Packs

Package name Price (Rs) Volume (MB) Validity
Social package (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter) Rs. 10 + taxes 100 MB 1 day
Classified package (Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels and Carmudi) Rs. 5 + taxes 50 MB 1 day
Facebook diary Rs. 5 + taxes 50 MB 1 day
Daily whatsapp Rs. 15 + taxes 300 MB 1 day
Daily twitter Rs. 2 + taxes 20 MB 1 day

For subscribing Daily Zong 3G internet packages The social packages follow the steps below:

  • First dial * 6464 # and press 3.

Zong Whatsapp Twitter Facebook Internet Packages

  • You will see a list of packages like this:

Zong 4G Internet Bundles Every Day

  • Now type in the package number and click send.

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Unlimited Daily Zong Internet Packages

Package name Price Volume Validity Subscribing
Drop out
Good Night Offer 12 rupees + tax / day 2GB Applicable
1 a. M. A 9 a. M.
SMS “gno” to 6464 “Unsub gno”
up to 6464
Day offer 12 rupees + tax / day 1 GB Applicable
4:00 a. M. At 4:00 p. M.
SMS “dto” to 6464 “Unsub dto”
up to 6464
Assorted package Rs. 5 + tax / day 50 MB 1 day Dial * 6464 #

If you are looking for Zong all in one every day then we inform you that the offer has expired now, but Zong 4G has introduced three new all-in-1 internet packages weekly and monthly which are also very good and inexpensive.

If you have any problem regarding the activation of any Zong 4G package, you can post your question in the comment box below.