Zong Free WhatsApp Offer Best for Customers

Zong’s free WhatsApp offer that was introduced in November 2017 continues to be the best offer offered by any of the telcos in Pakistan. But now the offer is not free, you only need to pay Rs. 25 / month to enjoy 4GB of internet.

Whatsapp’s free offering is powered by one of the fastest growing mobile networks in Pakistan, Zong 4G. Activating this offer is very simple, all you need to do is dial * 247 # to activate the Zong Whatsapp package.

The best thing about this tremendous offer is that you can activate it without any balance and enjoy unlimited video calls, text messages and voice messages. Besides that, you can download unlimited videos and images within the jurisdiction of Whatsapp.

Zong’s free WhatsApp offer

In short, this deal is nothing less than Free Zong Unlimited Internet Bundle. You can stay connected with your friends and family anytime, anywhere. Maham Dard, Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs at Zong 4G, said:

“Free WhatsApp is proof that customers are Zong’s first priority, we don’t want to put any limits on the customer experience. Although our 4G network experience is the best, we want our customers to use our network to adapt to a digital lifestyle in the most affordable way. “

It is a great movement of the China Moving Company and other networks have also started to follow them. Recently following in the footsteps of Zong 4G packages, Telenor launches free Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp offer for its customers. You can Activate Telenor’s free WhatsApp offer by dialing * 5 * 325 #.

It’s nice to see the growing competition and consumers are benefiting from it. Zong 4G currently occupies 70% of the Pakistani market and the number is growing by the day. Here one thing is for sure, Zong is committed to providing the best and most versatile service to its customers.

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